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Besides having a love of Dalmatians for over thirty years I also have a passion for horses. Like many little girls I had riding lessons at a local stables when I was younger and I loved it but unfortunately in those days I was not able to own my own horse. That was until I turned forty when I decided to try having riding lessons again, the old passion was still there but it was a very different scene from the lessons I had all those years ago. Now the emphasis is on health and safety first and correct boots and hat are the order of the day along with body protection. The cost of lessons has also rocketed from around 50p to over £15 per lesson.

I decided to purchase my own horse in 2004 and bought a lovely grey mare called "Jessica" She is a very steady horse who is not at all excitable.

Jessica Jessica and dalmatian Jessica2

After another two years passed I felt that I would like to take part in Show Jumping so I bought "Indi" [Inka Warrior] who is a Dutch
part warm blood which was imported from Holland

Indi jumping

Indi and dalmatian

Indi jumping

And then there are the Chickens!!

Besides the Dalmatians and horses we also keep chickens, but not any old chickens....these are "Show chickens"
Chicken1 Chicken2 Chicken3 Chicken4

Our chickens are a breed called Silkies and they all have names, ..Michael the cockerel - Pearl the large white one who is our favourite, then there is Opal the Small white one and then Topaz the black one.  They all run around the garden free range amongst the dogs.. We are very lucky in that the dogs leave them well alone .. it has took some training, lots of shouting and the use of a water pistol to ensure that the dogs leave them alone. When we had our new puppy, "Morpheus" he decided that he would like to chase them around by hanging on to there tail feathers but a good soaking from the water pistol soon sorted that out.. and the bonus from all this is we get lovely eggs all be it rather small ones.... enjoy the photo's. The photo with the chicken on the snow ball is Pearl taken 2010

Daisy the stick insect
Daist the stick insect
And finally there is "Daisy" the stick insect, owned by my son Harry. She's about three months old and is a Peruvian Black beauty. She should live to about 12 months old and is able to reproduce without a mate so we are expecting babies before long!!.


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