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How it all began.........

My mum Irene Haywood started the famous "Luccombe" kennel in 1971 when she bought her first Dalmatian "Medina Cherry" by "Ch. Titan of Chacombe" out of "Dominoes Gay Cherry" She was a lovely additional family member and proved also to be a great brood bitch. We had several litters from her and we kept a super black spotted bitch named "Luccombe Pollyana" whose name can still be found in many of the pedigrees of today's exhibits. A few years passed and my mum's passion and knowledge of Dalmatians had been passed on to me and I now had a joint interest in the "Luccombe" kennel.
We had a fantastic time together attending shows and exhibiting our beloved Dalmatians. We bred a few very select litters as neither of us believed in breeding litters just to sell the puppies, we preferred to wait until we needed a new addition to the kennels or we had a waiting list of very carefully vetted people requiring a puppy before embarking on a very carefully mating.
First three Dalmatians

Both my mum and myself are Kennel Club appointed Championship show judges, a position and responsibility we hold with the up most regard.My mum "Irene" was given the greatest honour for a Championship show judge when she was selected to Judge Dalmatians at Crufts 2012 but sadly she died before she could fulfill her dream but she left a wonderful legacy both to me and all who knew her by instilling a passion for good careful breeding. I miss her greatly but I know she is watching over me as I continue her work with the "Luccombe" kennel. I hope you will enjoy browsing through my Website with all it's memories and the gallery of our Dalmatians who are no longer with us. As a member of all three major UK Dalmatian breed Clubs and with over thirty years experience in breeding and exhibiting Dalmatians I'm always willing to offer advice to anyone who is wanting a Dalmatian. If you would like any help or advice please contact me even if it's just for a "Dally" chat.

Sharon Ridgway ~ Luccombe Dalmatians

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