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"They may be show dogs at the weekend or when at at a show but they are first and most importantly pets and very much loved pets and family members, here at "Luccombe" we do not have kennels all of my dogs live in the house they get very dirty playing and are very mischievous just like any ordinary dogs."

"Sonja" is now 7 and we say she was born with angels wings as she has been so good right from the start, she has never been destructive or naughty and never runs off but her son "Morpheus" well that's a different story altogether. He is one of the happiest dogs I've ever come across, he's into everything and loves everybody, he isn't at all food motivated which is very strange for a dally. All he wants to do is play with any dog that he sees. He runs off a bit but always comes back. I say that very loosely as he does tend to ignore me some of the time but isn't that a male thing!! The only thing that we have to watch is what he can steal, socks and things of that nature. He has already spent three days in the vets with the possibility of an operation because he swallowed a glove, luckily the vet managed to retrieve it. We were out of the vets not 36 hours when, on Christmas day" a dishcloth was swallowed but luckily it came out the next day. Bearing in mind he is only 11 months old to date he has swallowed 6 socks, 1 dish cloth, a woolly glove, and a phone case plus a few other odd things which I have not been able to identify.  But I wouldn't have him any other way.
"Hazel" is his half sister; again she has a very similar nature to Morpheus, she sits on the back of the settee. I thought only cats did that. Now she is very much into food just like her mum. Our newest addition to the Luccombe family is "Fiona". She is a play mate to Morpheus and has really settled in and is starting to develop a character all of her own.
They are all so very different, they all bring a different bit of happiness into our lives which would be very boring without them .... probably a lot better off financially ..... but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I always say to prospective owners if you want a quite, beside the fire dog a dally is not for you................ Sharon.



Luccombe Strawberry Tart J.W.

"Sonia" has been successful in the show ring and to date has won two Challenge Certificates and five Reserve Challenge Certificates plus multi placing's at Championship level.


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Luccombe Hazel Nut Cluster

As you can see "Hazel" is a beautiful Liver colour. She has consistently received good placing's at Championship level shows and to date has won one Challenge Certificate.


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Luccombe Deja Vous

This is my boy "Morpheus" . To date he as only been lightly shown but is getting placed in the younger classes.


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Ch. Luccombe Strawberry Dream J.W.

"Fiona" has a wonderful temperament and is still full of fun even as she gets older. She has had a sparkling show career and is now the latest"Luccombe" Champion.


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Luccombe Strawberry Royale

Chloe is our "New girl on the Block" and has had a great show
career so far. She is lovely to live with a real "Live wire" at home.



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